The days of thinking a bidet in the bathroom was ‘out of this world’ are long gone. Innovative toilets that provide heated seats, water jets and soothing music have long been a standard item in Japanese bathrooms, and sauna rooms are ten a penny in Scandinavia. Time saving, nifty looking gadgets for the home are on the up and as technology travels at a speed we struggle to keep up with, the bathroom has no intention of being left behind.

Here are 10 of the latest inventions to make bathrooms that tad more alluring:

  1. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Moxie Showerhead –  Is it a shower? Is it a speaker? It’s both! The wireless speaker streams your favourite tunes or podcasts via bluetooth from any of your devices from up to 32 feet away. Singing in the shower just got interesting!
  2. Aria smart scale – These scales do more than tell you your weight; they track your BMI, weight and body fat and sync it through WiFi. Monitoring your stats helps to keep your gym and diet regime on track. No more fearing the bathroom scales!
  3. The LED bathtub – The ultimate in bathing luxury. LED lights are installed in the bottom of the tub, giving off glorious hues of orange, yellow, pink, red, or even a vibrant fluorescent white. With the help of this device you can now match your bathtub with your mood.
  4. Hue lighting – This personal lighting system lends itself to the bathroom. The wirelessly controlled LED bulbs offer a range of colours and mood settings, from ‘energise’ (a bright lighting mode) to ‘relax’ (softer hues to help you relax). The memory function helps you to create your perfect bathroom moments at the touch of a button.
  5. Toto’s Toilet – Environmentally friendly and sleek with style! Automatic flushing, lid opening, lid closing and an ion-barrier surface makes this the lav to have!
  6. Seura waterproof Hydra television – Never miss an episode of anything again. Streamline the hours of your day by catching up with the news and travel whilst taking your morning shower.
  7. Dacor Warming Drawer – warm towels, without having to cover the radiator. Easily designed to match any bathroom decor.
  8. Shower controllerMoen’s Hands Free Faucet– Sumptuously designed taps to give your bathroom a touch of elegance, as well as ultimate levels of hygiene. No more worrying about ‘tap germs’ with this sensor controlled tap.
  9. Moen’s Digital Shower – Don’t you just hate spending agonising seconds (which feel like hours) wincing and flinching between jets of freezing cold to boiling hot water as you set your ideal shower temperature? With this device you can not only set your temperature, but you can also turn it on remotely before you step in. Bliss.
  10. Water pebble – Concerned about water usage in the shower or bath? Don’t be! This programmable pebble alerts you when you have reached your desired level of water consumption. Once you have set your target the pebble will emit a yellow signal at the halfway mark and then flash red when your level has been reached. Keep clean and save water at the same time, how convenient!

So, however you decide to design your bathroom, keep an eye open for new and innovative designs and gadgets. There seems to be something for everyone!

(Photos by Ken Doerr, Marta, Matt@PEK)