We have already explained the different types of Radiators, now let’s compare the costs. The major chunk of expense when installing central heating will be the radiators themselves. The individual cost of radiators varies from supplier to supplier, but by taking an average price here is a list of a few examples:-

Cast Iron radiators– Having always been a firm favourite with period buildings, these radiators are most definitely coming back into fashion in contemporary settings too. Cast Iron Radiators come in a range of colours and finishes:-

2 column from £11 – £45

3 column from £15 – £57

4 column from £12 – £57

6 column from £22 – £120

9 column from £22 – £75

Compact ( or Panel) radiators – As well as being the number one choice in today’s homes these radiators come in a choice of single and double paneled radiators and a range of sizes. The prices quoted here are for convector radiators, which are the most popular choice:-

Single Panel from £27 – £80,

Double Panel from £53 – £105

Designer radiators – This is the group of Radiators covering the widest variation in price. From bespoke to contemporary designs the choice is limitless. Here are a few :-

Chrome from £85 – £3500

Mirrored from £198 – £1985

Glass ( which also comes in a variety of colours) £315 – £1128

Novelty designs and bespoke designs are price on asking. With a huge range of possibilities for radiator designs ( from Dinosaurs to personalised artwork) designer radiators may well be the next big thing in home decorating.

Whatever radiator you choose for your home or commercial property, choosing the right Heating Engineers to install it is as important a choice as the Radiator itself. Efficient, expert, professional workmanship is vitally important. Don’t cut corners and try and save money, make sure you hire a company who have experience and give guarantees.

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