Although the prospect of a new kitchen seems mouth watering, it comes with an awful lot of decisions to make .

Before choosing a new kitchen think about what your kitchen is used for?- Cooking of course, I hear you all cry! To lots of us our kitchen is the hub of the household and the heart of the home. Do you need room for a dining table or a breakfast bar? Does your kitchen double up as a home office? Take these details into account before you make your choice.

There are 6 main layout options for kitchens;

1) The Working Triangle
The focus of the working triangle are the three key workstation points you move between when preparing food – the fridge, cooker and sink. Keep them within easy reach of each other, and be aware of potential obstructions such as doors that will get in the way if they’re open. The triangle kitchen layout method is based on the idea of ‘store, prepare, cook, and wash.’

2) The Island kitchen
For people who enjoy entertaining, this is the ideal layout. Typically, this plan consists of units, sink, fridge and cooker in a row with a work surface in between each. A kitchen island sits opposite the single row so you can face out to your guests, whilst preparing food. Alternatively, you can use the island unit to house your cooker.

3) The L-shaped kitchen
If your kitchen is L-shaped, placing units on two adjacent walls will free up space on the other side of the room to add a breakfast or dining table. Make sure the sink, hob and fridge are separated by preparation areas. Using the space this way is ideal for entertaining or for family dinner times.

4) The U-shaped kitchen
This is perfect for the more serious cook. Not only do you have the luxury of plenty of work surfaces, but you’ll also have plenty of storage space for utensils and foodstuff.

5) ‘All in a row’ kitchen layout
If you’re short on space, this is the simplest, most efficient design, with kitchens that have at least three metres of wall space without the interruption of windows and doors. Placing the sink in the middle of the run with a worktop separating it from the fridge and cooker either side, works best.

6) The Galley kitchen
This would be the number one choice of most professional chefs as it houses numerous areas for food preparation. Place the sink and cooker on the same side to ease the transportation of hot water to the sink and ensure there is enough space to safely open drawers fully on both sides.

Whatever design you choose, ensure you have it fitted by professionals who have experience and guaranteed workmanship. If you would like to know more please contact us.