When it comes to heating our homes, the majority of us choose central heating, opting to fix radiators into our rooms. As well as different designs, there is a choice to be made between the different styles available.

The very first radiator was invented by a Polish Born Russian businessman Franz San Galli, somewhere between 1855-1857, but the very first ‘radiator of today’ made it’s appearance in 1872, designed by an American Nelson H Bundy. Initially radiators were heated by steam, which would cause rather startling ‘valve blows’, as pressure in the radiators built up to a dangerous level.

The Bundy Loop is still prevalent in today’s radiators, even though styles and choice of materials have evolved hugely. Here is a brief description of the types of radiators in use today :-

Cast Iron Radiators– The first radiators made for domestic use are still around in more or less the exact same format as when they were introduced to Victorian homes. The Bundy Loop, carrying the hot water around the radiator keeping the room at a constant temperature, is still the main feature of the Cast Iron Radiator. Cast Iron remains a popular choice amongst heating engineers and designers due to the iron’s ability to retain warmth long after the heating has been switched off. With the trend for renovating period homes back to their original resplendence, Cast Iron Radiators are re-claiming their place in these homes.

Compact (Or Panel) Radiators– With a choice of a single panel or a double panel and the introduction of convector fins (additional bits of metal designed to increase the heated surface area), Compact Radiators remain the number one choice in our homes today. Most compact radiators are made of metals including steel and chrome, which means the outside can get very hot to the touch and may be something you wish to consider in rooms where small children are to be present. The advantage of Compact Radiators is that they can run on Gas, Oil or Electricity and are easily maintained.

Designer Radiators– As with most products, the design of it evolves over time. This is never truer than with Designer radiators! The principles of heating a home through a Radiator has remained the same from a century ago, but the form in which it is delivered couldn’t be more different. With a choice of Mirrored, Glass, Marble, Energy Saving, Wood and a whole host of designs ranging from Dinosaurs to Piano Keys radiators are becoming a style feature of our homes, not just a heating device.

Whatever Radiator you decide upon, installation isn’t something to cut corners with. For all your heating and plumbing requirements, let us help you. Give us a call today.