The media is awash with the news that thousands of Households could be eligible for a new boiler, or an upgrade under the ECO Affordable Warmth Scheme. To qualify for this amazing offer you need to fulfill the following requirements:-

  1. The property is a privately owned home or a privately rented home. Unfortunately at this time social housing properties don’t qualify.
  2. Members of the household receive benefits such as:- State Pension Credit, Child Tax Credit, Income Related Employment and Support Allowance (or similar) and Working Tax Credit. However, check the small print as other conditions may apply to some of these benefits.
  3. The existing boiler is inefficient and faulty. To test your boiler to see if you qualify there are a few things you need to look at:- Is your boiler over 10 years old, does it have a square external flue, is it a back boiler behind a gas fire, does the pilot light stay on even when the boiler is not operating, do you have problems lighting the boiler, does the boiler make loud noises or banging sounds and is it badly corroded. If you do not qualify for a replacement boiler you may qualify for an upgrade or a repair.

Installing a new boiler can save you around £300 a year on your heating bills. The newest boilers are all A-rated, energy efficient and come with 5 year manufacturers’ parts guarantee and a labour warranty. All installations are carried out by Gas Safe Registered Engineers. The grants are being provided by the six major energy suppliers:-

British Gas

Edf Energy

N Power



Scottish Power

A fully working boiler is essential for a warm, happy home. Without it life can be miserable. Cold house, cold showers, large energy bills and a rather large carbon footprint. All boilers installed in London, Greater London and the rest of the UK are required to be condensing boilers, which are far more efficient than the traditional boilers as they release gas at just 55 degrees Celsius (rather than 180 degrees), therefore requiring less energy to generate the same amount of heat.

There are a number of companies helping people to take advantage of this scheme for free. All have a simple standard form to fill out to see if you qualify. Take advantage of this offer and make your home safe, warm and a great place to be.