The South East of England has experienced the wettest Winter in over 250 years and with the floods spreading to places never before touched, it’s becoming a worry for everyone. Our homes are supposed to be our safe haven where we retreat from the elements. As more and more houses are exposed to torrential downpours and burst river banks it may be a good time to double check your home plumbing is secure.

A flood can be caused by several things:-

  • River Flooding– River flooding occurs when a river or stream cannot cope with the water draining into it from the already waterlogged surrounding land
  • Coastal Flooding– Coastal flooding occurs when there are stormy conditions and high tides
  • Surface Water Flooding– Surface water flooding occurs, for example, when rainwater can not drain away through the normal drainage systems or soak into the ground, due to already flooded drains or waterlogged ground. The water then lies on the top or flows away
  • Sewer Flooding– Sewer flooding occurs when sewers are overwhelmed by heavy rainfall or when they become blocked. Homes and land can be flooded with water contaminated with raw sewage as a result

With the copious amounts of rain having fallen in the past few weeks our household drains and pipes are under increasing pressure. This extreme weather has caused many people plumbing problems within their homes, such as, burst pipes and overflowing drains as well as the threat of flooding from outside. Sometimes the surface water and overly wet soil from heavy rain can cause the ground to shift, putting extra stress on household pipes which can cause them to crack and collapse. These cracked, or collapsed pipes can lead to several flood related problems.

If you are in doubt about the condition of your plumbing it may help you to get a maintenance check. Making sure your pipes and pipework are in tip top condition by professionals may just save you the heartache of water damage in your home.

Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about the weather but we could help stop unnecessary flooding. Don’t put it off- call Dorchester Heating & Plumbing and get your plumbing checked today.