Domestic Vented & Unvented Cylinders

Whether you choose a :-
Vented cylinder (or Cistern Fed Cylinder) which has a header tank, usually situated within the loft area. This tank feeds cold water through from the mains feed and relies on gravity to pass the water through the pipes to your heating/hot water system. These cylinders are usually made of copper.

or an
Unvented Cylinder which works off the mains pressure water and therefore uses the water mains pressurised system to move the domestic hot water around the property, eliminating the need for a header tank in the loft. These cylinders are usually made of stainless steel ensuring durability and long life.

We here at Dorchester Heating & Plumbing will advise you on the best domestic vented & unvented cylinders option for your property. All our cylinders come with full 5 year warranties.