The majority of UK homes are heated by Gas central heating, but the trends are changing and already we are seeing this in homes with solar power, geothermal heating and even heating via the power of water.

By far though, the newest invention is heating by infrared. This seems like stuff science fiction tackles, but North of the border in Scotland, this is reality.


The heating system, which runs on the same principle as Incubators in hospital baby units, was installed into a St Andrews university stone building and was tested against traditional heating system.

During the trial, David Stutchfield, Energy Officer at the University of St Andrews, reported that

“We were delighted to have been approached to test the infranomic heating system in one of our postgraduate buildings.

Being an 19th century building, and the previous heating system had been installed for around 40 years so we thought it would be good time to look at changing the way its heated, whilst also looking for a system which was energy efficient as well as cost saving.

We are looking forward to seeing the results from monitoring this type of heating against the more conventional ways of gas and electricity that exists in our other buildings.”

Energy Savings

The Infranomic system, emits Infrared energy which spreads heat around the room, and into furniture, materials and drapes. Infranomic heaters are acknowledged as a natural form of heating that has been proven to be beneficial to the human body.

A detailed study by Strathclyde University shows that Infranomic panels, not only create greater warmth to house occupants, but also use a minimum of 41% less energy when compared to electric storage heating.

This type of heating is perfect for commercial and business properties too. With the ease of installation and the versatility of positional placing onto walls and ceilings this allows the maximum use of space. Along with the savings, the Infranomic panel heaters make economical sense to business owners.

Another major advantage is that the heaters look smart, require no maintenance and be easily installed. They come in various models:

  • white
  • black
  • ceiling mounted
  • wall mounted
  • bespoke images
  • mirror heaters


With savings on heating bills, increased comfort in the home, benefits to the body, low maintenance, easily installed and super stylish-

Seems like a win, win, win situation.

images by Graeme Morrice MP, mono EA