What is the role of a commercial plumber?

Commercial plumbers are called out in an emergency to companies and businesses to fix leaks, assess gas installation problems and get businesses back up and running. Commercial plumbing requires different skills and large scale machine experience to repair or replace boilers, gas barrel pipework, heating systems or water leaks. A good quality commercial plumber will be adept at assessing any situation, allowing them to come up with a viable solution immediately. This is an essential skill for commercial plumbers because after all, a business that is forced to shut down unexpectedly loses custom and money.

There are many services that commercial plumbers offer, including the following:

Commercial Hot Water

Property owners dread the call from tenants who all go into panic mode when the water supply either stops working, runs ice-cold or leaks all over the place. Tenants expect a solution there and then!  A good Commercial Plumber will attend the premises, assess the situation and repair or take emergency steps to provide a short term solution until a full boiler replacement can be carried out.

Commercial Gas Fitters

Gas is a highly dangerous substance, so any fittings involving gas should only be handled by Gas Safe registered engineers. From commercial kitchen gas appliances and ovens, right through to commercial boilers and industrial equipment, call on a plumber that has experience, qualifications and offers work guarantees.

Gas cooker

Industrial and commercial servicing and repair

If your business has large machinery which requires gas or water to operate, it’s essential that they are running on optimum performance all of the time. Commercial plumbers have experience in dealing with commercial machines and can repair them quickly. They also have an intimate knowledge of the machinery, so with regular servicing and maintenance they’re able to spot the little problems before they become big problems.

As well as the above, commercial plumbing also involves the same jobs as domestic plumbing – albeit on a  much larger scale. These jobs include:

  • Underfloor heating
  • Water tank repair and replacement
  • Commercial kitchen design and installation
  • Gas solenoid
  • Pressurisation units and boosters

Don’t take risks with your business or commercial property, ask for a free estimate – keep us on speed dial.

[Photo by jeltovski and yoel]