So the day has come round at last – you’re getting a new kitchen! No more flicking through home magazines dreaming of your perfect kitchen. The time is here – reality is knocking on that door.

Commercials and adverts show beautiful families in beautiful kitchens, all shiny and new. Leaflets come through your door offering HUGE discounts and every available option open to you and your budget. Confused? Here are some pointers that may help you:

Wickes offer 28 different styles of ‘ready to go’ kitchens, all neatly displayed on their website. With ongoing sales and offers and a very easy 7 step creating process, Wickes have professionals to advise throughout the whole process. The price promise guarantees to beat any quote, within the written conditions. They also offer an installation service at an additional cost.

Ikea claim their new kitchen system offers thousands of possibilities and their ‘gallery’ shows several mouth watering combinations. Their online brochure offers complete kitchens with the added help of individually pricing items. Their offered services range from planning, delivery, help in-store, assembling, total installation to recycling your old kitchen.

B&Q have an online brochure with a very handy price guide. With 19 different brands to choose from and an in-store team of consultants, their process seems pretty straightforward. The B&Q knowledge centre has lots of useful tips and also offers an in-house comparison site. They also offer an installation service at an additonal cost.L-Shaped-Kitchens-Design

Magnet advertise they are the biggest name in UK kitchens and with over 200 showrooms, they aren’t wrong! They have a full online brochure with over 80 different designs to choose from. They also offer a service where you can take in your measurements, ideas and plan your dream kitchen. They offer a handy price guide and an even handier FAQ section with lots of queries answered. Their installation service can be included in the cost.

Homebase have a selection of 4 brands and a 5 step process to creating your kitchen. As well as plenty of offers and their money off discounts, they also have a ‘quote beater’ (they will match a price and give 10% off). Although their choice of styles and brands are limited their choices are simply displayed. They offer their own installation service for an additional cost.

With such a large investment it really is worth looking around at the choices available. Having decided on your dream kitchen layout, it really makes sense to fill it with your dream content.

For a competitive quote on installing your dream kitchen give us a call. We are here to help.