In industry there are constant changes and rules and regulations that need to be followed and complied with. This is no different in the Heating & Plumbing sector. With the emphasis being laid more and more on the renewable energy sources, eco boiler systems, eco friendly heating systems etc the need to ‘keep up with the game’ is important. With the tightening of building regulations and legislation it’s possibly more important in this industry than most others. How do our plumbers keep up with the changing trends, how do they know about new systems and how do they find out where to update knowledge and skill sets?

There are a host of trade magazines, workshops, courses and Plumbing & Heating Industry Trade Exhibitions. One of which is:

PHEX ( The Plumbing & Heating Exhibition).

For 20 years it has been playing host to manufacturers and suppliers to Domestic and Commercial Plumbing and Heating contractors. Being held in locations such as; Alexandra palace, Manchester United and Chelsea’s football grounds the Exhibition’s Seminars give the trade representatives the opportunity to demonstrate and open the floor to Q&A’s about their latest commercial and domestic installations.

As well as plumbers and heating engineers constantly reviewing and renewing qualifications such as Gas safety certificates, its also important to keep abreast of the new innovations coming out on the market. Having a wide knowledge of available products and systems to offer both domestic and commercial customers results in work satisfaction and very happy customers.

As Plumbers we understand that we are responsible for so much more than repairing a burst pipe, or fixing that leaky faucet. A house can not be a home without it being warm, dry and comforting to be in. Without basics like a reliable heating system, constantly available hot water for baths and showers and a fully functioning toilet system it becomes a place no-one wants to be in.

Keeping up with the latest Domestic and Commercial Plumbing & Heating trends and products is our way of making sure that we are able to give choices. Choices that will make the difference to everyday living or working and make it that bit more comfortable for everyone.