The aging population of the UK is rising and so is the need for safer, more accessible bathroom utilities. Redring’s Commercial Director, Mark Quigley, takes a look at how showers are evolving to help meet these needs.
Just because we are older, doesn’t always mean we require ‘special needs’ products. As well as living longer, the UK’s elders are keeping fit and active for longer too. People in this age category, however are thinking of the future, and with 76% of people aged over 65 mortgage-free by this stage in life, home improvements become high on the lost of priorities. Many people are preparing for the days when their mobility may decline and there are several showers that can aid with this.

For many old people setting the temperature in the shower can be difficult. Thermostatic technology can offer a solution as it has the technology to ensure that the temperature of the water is kept consistent by +1-1°C. This makes showering a safe, pleasant experience for everyone in the household.

When selecting a shower for the elderly or visually impaired, the controls are an important factor. Some rotary controls can be difficult to use accurately, so a shower that uses one-touch buttons and large LED displays makes life easier and safer. Advanced technology such as wireless control is perfect for people with mobility issues or limited use of their hands. Showers with remote controls, allow the user to activate the shower and set the temperature before stepping in.

A major hazard to be avoided in the shower is standing water and if a gravity drain is not added then it’s best to fit a level access pump to help remove the waste water.

It’s important to be safe and secure in the shower but it’s also important to think of the cost. With many eco friendly showers available now, it’s a good idea to consider one. As pensioners become more careful with their money, an eco solution is an ideal way to deliver great showering at a reasonable cost. These showers incorporate a power-save feature which adjusts the power of the shower automatically to attain the selected water temperature.

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