The heating ‘must have’ of 2014 is the programmable thermostat, and in particular, the smart thermostat. While for many people this technology is alien, there are certain advantages to be had by introducing it into your domestic or commercial central heating system. Here are some of the facts:

The best, most effective programmable thermostats should be simple to operate and should come with a selection of advanced features and customizations.

Scheduling & Programming Function: A top-rated programmable thermostat should be able to schedule a variety of weekly, daily and nightly temperature variations.

Design: The most desirable programmable thermostats have a sleek, modern look and are easily integrated into most home designs. Top-end programmable thermostats all have a touchscreen display.

Features: The most impressive programmable thermostats come equipped with advanced features, including holiday mode, multiple heating and cooling stages, a clock, a humidity sensor, an outside temperature display, and compatibility with a mobile app and Wi-Fi.

Thermostat 4The smart thermostat is the latest in the programmable line. This device allows you to have complete control over your home’s heating, from wherever you may be. Unlike the typical room thermostat that changes the temperature from a dial or a pad in the home, the smart thermostat gives you the freedom to change your heating settings from a remote location, using a phone, tablet or desktop.

In addition to the mobility of temperature control, your smart thermostat will give you readings on your energy consumption, which enables you to make informed, energy saving decisions. You may wonder how this differs from a regular thermostat, which you can set at a comfortable temperature to suit your lifestyle.

Well, imagine you head out in the morning and there is a drastic drop in the temperature during the day, which would trigger your heating to come on, unnecessarily heating an empty house. With your smart thermostat, you can not only turn the heating on an hour before you return, but you can alter the temperature so that the house is warm and cosy for your arrival. Most smart thermostats are also equipped with the functionality of calculating how long it takes for your home to reach a certain temperature. This means you can manage your heating system to ensure your home is always at the temperature you want it. In the long term this should lead to significant energy savings. Smart!

Lecia Monsen, Managing Editor of TopTenREVIEWS  states that:

“Programmable thermostats are very effective tools to defend your bank account against ridiculous utility bills. Scheduling when to heat or cool your home is environmentally friendly, saves you money and is easy to do.”

Next time on our blog, we will look at the different makes and compare them in cost and performance.

[Photos by Mike Miller and Chris D]