Incubator heating for homes

The majority of UK homes are heated by Gas central heating, but the trends are changing and already we are seeing this in homes […]

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What is Geothermal heating?

We have looked at various forms of heating, such as gas central heating, underfloor and solar powered, for both domestic and commercial Properties. But […]

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The benefits of hydropower

Water is an extremely powerful force of nature and we have seen the destruction it can cause with flooding. There is a way of […]

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Saving energy the solar way

How many of us watch Grand Designs on Channel 4 and wish we too could build our dream home? A glass covered seashore abode, […]

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A comparison of electricity and gas for heating

There are a number of activities we do, and appliances we use, around the home which might involve electricity or gas. But which of […]

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