Winter Is Coming

Winter is Coming – Check your radiators.

Winter is coming, the cold is creeping in and I had a call from a customer who said she finally had to give in to the pleas from the kids about turning on the heating in the house. I had to agree with her that walking round in a parka and woolly gloves isn’t exactly conducive to family life, and like her youngest said “we aren’t Eskimos are we” !
The Lady from North London said she set the timer on the thermostat and waited for the warmth. The family got ready to peel the layers and bask in the warmth emanating from the central heating system Dorchester Heating and Plumbing had installed a few years ago. They waited, and waited and – nothing, well apart from a monstrous clanging noise coming from the radiators!!
It didn’t take a genius to work out that something wasn’t quite right. On the initial call to us we asked her to do a bit of checking and did a tick list:-

  • Boiler working – check
  • Thermostat set to right temperature – check
  • Timer switch set to right time – check
  • Are all radiators cold – No, the ones upstairs are fine

We advised the lady that the radiators needed bleeding. As she wasn’t really sure how to do this we gave her some advice over the phone, and gave her a link to a really good online tutorial (see video below). She figured she could either spend a whole day trying to figure it out for herself or make one phone call and have a warm home, and a happy family in one tenth of the time.
So peeps, winter is coming, if your radiators are warm at the bottom, cold at the top, if they make a loud clanging noise, or if there’s no heat at all, check the radiators have been bled. And if like our lady in North London, you aren’t very good at this kind of stuff- call our experts. It makes sense.

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